Symptoms Of The Potential Need For Bladder Cancer Treatment

Posted on: 19 August 2019

When it comes to cancer that affects males, most people think of prostate cancer. However, this is not the only cancer threat posed to the male community. Bladder cancer is another common medical issue that men, particularly older men, are vulnerable to, and it is crucial to get it diagnosed early, just like any other cancer. Bladder cancer manifests in several ways, so knowing the symptoms of this illness is critical to help with early detection by your urologist. Nonetheless, take note that some of the below-listed signs do not necessarily mean you have bladder cancer; instead, they could be indicative of other bladder problems, such as kidney stones, an overactive bladder and so on. With that said, here are some symptoms of the potential need for bladder cancer treatment.

You have the constant urge to pee

When your bladder is becoming overrun by the cancer cells, you could begin experiencing the urge to urinate much more frequently than normal. The reason why this happens is that the larger the tumour becomes, the more pressure it exerts on your bladder. This gives you the sensation of your bladder being full. If you are going to the loo more often to pee and you do not have any urine, you should have the condition of your bladder checked out. It is worth noting that this symptom can also come about if your prostate gland has enlarged or if you have developed a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Hence, it is important to go for a check-up from a urologist.

Streaks of blood in your urine

One sign of the potential risk of undiagnosed bladder cancer that should never go ignored is streaks of blood in your urine. When bladder cancer manifests, it begins to harm the lining of your bladder. Thus, the cells begin to slough, and this leads to bleeding. When blood has made its way into your urine, the colour of the urine either could look brownish or may have a red tinge to it. You should note that this symptom might not be present for the long-term, so when you notice it, you should set an appointment with your urologist right away.

You experience sharp pain when urinating

Any pain that accompanies urinating should be a red flag about your bladder health being in jeopardy. When cancer grows in your balder, the tissues in this organ start to become inflamed and in some cases infected. As a result, urinating becomes an extremely painful experience, typically feeling like a burning sensation. While this is one of the symptoms of the need for bladder cancer treatment, it is also common in men who have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.