Physiotherapy exercises and their benefits

Posted on: 6 September 2017

Today's competitive sports require a high degree of physical exertion which will occasionally result in soft tissue injuries. Muscle distension, sprained tendons and contusions will greatly hamper an athlete and curtail his performance. Sports physio is a health field which utilizes physical exercises among other techniques to prevent and repair such injuries. Below are some of the approaches utilized in the sports physio.

Massage In this technique, the affected part is subjected to rhythmic circular or linear pressure using hands or specialised accessories. When used properly by a knowledgeable sports physio expert, massage is claimed to alleviate painful discomfort and hasten recovery times. The working principle behind it is enhancing blood and lymphatic circulation in stiff and sore parts.

Stretching/range of motion exercises Stretching exercises performed by sportsmen adapts their muscles to survive sporting postures that may accidentally extend joints beyond their accustomed range. Performed repeatedly, this physio technique is instrumental in averting muscle strain. A resultant greater reach especially in the leg stride will furthermore grant a competitive edge to the athlete. Gentle and controlled exercise of a stiff or numbed muscle-set facilitates a return to flexibility and sensation of recuperating limbs.

Strength exercises.  A sportsman will wisely stop strenuous use of an injured muscle to allow painless and quick recovery. Such a muscle that has been in protracted disuse will end up weaker, in addition to being less responsive to fine manipulation. Physio sport is brought to use in such scenarios to gradually restore strength and control to the muscle. Here, a personalised exercise regimen is administered by a sports physio instructor. Physiotherapy exercises are also performed by otherwise healthy people to lower the risk of injury. As such, the intent is to bolster strength of belly, back and other core muscles.

Balance exercises. Falling while participating in sports will more often than not result in serious or even fatal injuries. Sports physio entails physical exercises that boost the ability to control one's moving body.  A person learns to centre his shifting body weight to a stable base by putting emphasis on lower body muscles. The kind of balance thus attained is called dynamic balance. Weight lifters do not usually execute rapid sporting moves but nonetheless subject their joints and muscles to abnormal weights and posture. The kind of balance training for their line of sport is called static balance. With a greater and more precise dynamic balance, bone fractures, tendon sprains and even concussion injuries are greatly thwarted.

Another gain made from physiotherapy exercises is greater confidence while performing..