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  • Symptoms Of The Potential Need For Bladder Cancer Treatment

    When it comes to cancer that affects males, most people think of prostate cancer. However, this is not the only cancer threat posed to the male community. Bladder cancer is another common medical issue that men, particularly older men, are vulnerable to, and it is crucial to get it diagnosed early, just like any other cancer. Bladder cancer manifests in several ways, so knowing the symptoms of this illness is critical to help with early detection by your urologist. [Read More]

  • What Are the Benefits of Selling In-License Pharmaceuticals?

    When you sell pharmaceuticals, you need to juggle your costs with the returns you earn on sales. This can be a fine line, especially if you market and sell competitive products. In some cases, it may make financial sense to team up with another pharmaceutical company to market and sell their products under in-license agreements. How might your company benefit from this kind of licensing deal? Mitigate Your Own Risk [Read More]

  • What's the Difference Between Acute and Preventative Headache Care?

    While some people only get headaches occasionally, some people get headaches far more frequently. While standard headaches are relatively easy to manage, some headaches may not respond to regular headache treatments alone. If you have trouble controlling headaches on a regular basis, then you may get more relief if you use a mix of acute and preventative medications. What's the difference? What Are Acute Headache Medications? Acute medications target pain that you already have. [Read More]

  • Why Should You Wear a Compression Stocking After Sclerotherapy?

    If your vascular surgeon has recommended that you have a sclerotherapy procedure to get rid of spider or varicose veins in one of your legs, then you'll have chemical injections into the veins to get rid of them. This is an easier process than having surgery to strip the veins out, but it still requires some aftercare on your part. After surgery, your surgeon will tell you how to take care of your leg. [Read More]

  • Why Medical Imaging Services Are Central To Saving Lives

    Certainly, technological advancements in the medical field have dramatically decreased the mortality rate for a myriad of health problems. And one advancement that has substantially contributed to the reduced death rate is medical imaging. Medical imaging refers to the ability to see what is going on in a patient's body without having to cut into the person. From MRIs, CAT scans and ultrasounds, medical imaging services are a staple in almost every branch of medicine. [Read More]

  • Making the Most of Your Private Health Insurance

    While private health insurance undoubtedly offers choice and security when it comes to your health, it is still a big financial commitment. You want to make sure you're making the most of it. Here are five ways to ensure your private health insurance is working for you. Check exactly what is covered If you're 21 you probably don't need to worry about hip replacement surgery. If you're a 73-year-old woman then you're not going to need any pregnancy cover. [Read More]

  • 3 Daily Living Aids That Can Help Your Visually Impaired Relative Retain Their Independence

    If you have a relative with a visual impairment who's struggling to retain their independence or who's worried about the impact their visual impairment could have on their day-to-day life, you may wish to support them as they explore the range of daily living aids that are available. These aids are designed to enable those with visual impairments to continue living the life they want to live. Here's an overview of three daily living aids your relative may benefit from: [Read More]

  • Two treatment options for lower back pain

    Lower back is an extremely common issue, which can be caused by a variety of things, including, but not limited to, poor posture, autoimmune conditions that affect the joints (such as arthritis), and incorrect heavy lifting techniques. Here are two common treatment options used to alleviate pain in this area of the body. Medication Both over-the-counter and prescription medications are frequently used by those who suffer from lower back pain. [Read More]

  • Stay Healthy on a Vegan Diet with These Essential Supplements

    The vegan lifestyle has really taken off recently, with numbers of people choosing to go plant-based growing at a rapid rate. Whether they're vegan for ethical or purely health reasons, proponents often tout the medical benefits of ditching meat and dairy, but it's important to take care with your nutrition if you're vegan. While most necessary nutrients can be found in plant foods, the problem is that many people eat a fairly limited diet that doesn't include everything they need. [Read More]

  • Choosing a high quality mouth guard for your child's sporting activities

    It is extremely important for children who are playing sports to have a well fitting and high quality mouth guard. Not only does this protect your child's teeth from impact, but it also ensure that they are protected from impact to the gums and soft tissues in the face.  Here are some tips to make sure that the mouth guard will do the best job in protecting your child's mouth.  [Read More]